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Launchpad makes it is easy for any workspace user to launch a pre-configured pipeline.

A pipeline is a repository containing a Nextflow workflow, a compute environment and pipeline parameters.

Pipeline Parameters Form#

Launchpad automatically detects the presence of a nextflow_schema.json in the root of the repository and dynamically creates a form where users can easily update the parameters.


The parameter forms view will appear, if the workflow has a Nextflow schema file for the parameters. Please refer the Nextflow Schema guide to learn more about the usa-cases and how to create them.

This makes it trivial for users without any expertise in Nextflow to enter their pipeline parameters and launch.

Adding a New Pipeline#

Adding a pipeline to the workspace launchpad is similar to the Launch except instead of launching the pipeline it gets added to the list of pipelines with the pre-saved values of fields such as the pipeline parameters and the revision number.


To create your own customized Nextflow Schema for your pipleine, see the examples of from increasing number of nf-core workflows that have adopted this for example eager and rnaseq.