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Tasks and metrics

When you view the details for a workflow run, you can investigate the run's Tasks and Metrics from their respective panels.


The Tasks panel shows all the tasks that were executed in a pipeline run.

Search and filter tasks#

Use the search bar to filter tasks by substrings in the table columns, such as process, tag, hash, and status. For example, if you enter succeeded in the Search task field, the table displays only tasks that succeeded.

Task details#

Select a task in the task table to open the Task details dialog. The dialog has two tabs: About and Execution log.


The About tab provides the following information:

  • Name: Process name and tag

  • Command: Task script, defined in the pipeline process

  • Status: Exit code, task status, attempts

  • Work directory: Directory where the task was executed

  • Environment: Environment variables that were supplied to the task

  • Execution time: Metrics for task submission, start, and completion time

  • Resources requested: Metrics for the resources requested by the task

  • Resources used: Metrics for the resources used by the task

Execution log#

The Execution log tab provides a real-time log of the selected task's execution. Task execution and other logs (such as stdout and stderr) are available for download from here, if still available in your compute environment.


The Metrics panel displays interactive plots for CPU usage, memory usage, task duration, and I/O usage, grouped by process. Use these plots to quickly inspect a pipeline run to determine the resources requested and consumed by each process.

Hover the cursor over each box plot to show more details.

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