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Functionality matrix

Tower / Nextflow version compatibility#

Each Tower version makes use of nf-launcher to determine the Nextflow version used as its baseline. This Nextflow version can be overridden with the NXF_VER environment variable in your nextflow.conf file, but note that Tower may not work reliably with Nextflow versions other than the baseline version.

We officially support the two latest Tower major releases (22.3.x, 22.4.x, etc) at any given time.

nf-launcher versions prefixed with j17 refer to Java version 17; j11 refers to Java 11.

Tower version nf-launcher version Nextflow version
23.2.0 j17.23.04.2-up3 23.04.2
23.1.3 j17-23.04.1 23.04.1
22.4.1 j17-22.10.6 22.10.6
22.4.0 j17-22.10.6 22.10.6
22.3.1 j17-22.10.4 22.10.4
22.3 j17-22.10.1 22.10.1
22.2.4 j17-22.06.1-edge 22.06.1-edge
22.2.3 j11-22.06.1-edge 22.06.1-edge

If no Nextflow version is specified in your configuration, Tower defaults to the baseline version outlined above.

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