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Wave containers

From version 22.4, Seqera Platform Enterprise supports the Seqera Wave containers service for on-prem installations.

To learn more about Wave, see Wave containers. To learn more about Wave and Nextflow integration, see the Nextflow documentation.

Pair your Seqera instance with Wave#

To pair Seqera Enterprise with Wave, you need the following:

  • Credentials to authenticate to your (private or public) container registry configured in the Seqera UI. See the container registry credentials instructions for your provider.

  • Your container registry must allow ingress from the Wave service (

  • The Wave service ( must be accessible from the network where your Seqera instance is installed (i.e., the domain should be whitelisted in protected Seqera installations).

  • The TOWER_ENABLE_WAVE=true and WAVE_SERVER_URL="" environment variables must be added to your Seqera configuration environment.

    Wave does not currently support container repositories that have private CA SSL certificates applied.

You can test connectivity with the Wave service by accessing, either from the browser or with cURL:

$ curl

When these conditions are met, the Wave feature is available on the Seqera compute environment creation page (currently only available for AWS compute environments).

After Wave is enabled, you can use private container repositories and the Fusion file system in your Nextflow pipelines.

Wave can also be enabled in the Nextflow pipeline config file. See the Nextflow documentation for more information.

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