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Quay credentials

From version 22.3, Seqera Platform supports the configuration of credentials for the Nextflow Wave container service to authenticate to private and public container registries. For more information on Wave containers, see the Nextflow documentation.

Container registry credentials are only used by the Wave container service. Add wave { enabled=true } to the Nextflow config field on the launch page, or to your nextflow.config file, for your pipeline execution to use Wave containers.

For Quay repositories, we recommend using robot accounts with Read access permissions for authentication.

Create a Quay robot account
  1. Sign in to
  2. From the user or organization view, select the Robot Accounts tab.
  3. Select Create Robot Account.
  4. Enter a robot account name. The username for robot accounts have the format namespace+accountname, where namespace is the user or organization name and accountname is your chosen robot account name.
  5. Grant the robot account repository Read permissions from Settings > User and Robot Permissions in the repository view.
  6. Select the robot account in your admin panel to retrieve the token value.

Add credentials to Seqera#

  • From an organization workspace: Go to Credentials > Add Credentials.
  • From your personal workspace: From the user menu, select Your credentials > Add credentials.

Property Description Example
Name A unique name for the credentials using alphanumeric characters, dashes, or underscores my-registry-creds
Provider Credential type Container registry
User name Robot account username (namespace+accountname) mycompany+myrobotaccount
Password Robot account access token PasswordFromQuayAdminPanel
Registry server The container registry hostname

When you've completed all the form fields, select Add. The new credential is now listed under the Credentials tab.

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