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Tower Agent credentials

Tower Agent enables Seqera Platform to launch pipelines on HPC clusters that do not allow direct access through an SSH client. Tower Agent authenticates a secure connection with Seqera using a Tower Agent credential.

Tower Agent sharing#

You can share a single Tower Agent instance with all members of a workspace. Create a Tower Agent credential, with Shared agent enabled, in the relevant workspace. All workspace members can then use this credential (Connection ID + Seqera access token) to use the same Tower Agent instance.

Create a Tower Agent credential#

  • From an organization workspace: Go to the Credentials > Add Credentials.
  • From your personal workspace: From the user menu, go to Your credentials > Add credentials.

Property Description Example
Name A unique name for the credentials using alphanumeric characters, dashes, or underscores. my-agent-creds
Provider Credential type Tower Agent
Agent connection ID The connection ID used to run your Tower Agent instance. Must match the connection ID used when running the Agent (see Usage below). 5429d66d-7712-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxx
Shared agent Enables Tower Agent sharing for all workspace members.
Usage Populates a code snippet for Tower Agent download with your connection ID. Replace <YOUR TOKEN> with your Seqera access token.

When you've completed all the form fields, select Add. The new credential is now listed under the Credentials tab.

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