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HPC clusters

Seqera Platform streamlines the deployment of Nextflow pipelines into both cloud-based and on-prem HPC clusters and supports compute environment creation for the following management and scheduling solutions:


To launch pipelines into an HPC cluster from Seqera, the following requirements must be satisfied:

  • The cluster should allow outbound connections to the Seqera web service.
  • The cluster queue used to run the Nextflow head job must be able to submit cluster jobs.
  • The Nextflow runtime version 21.02.0-edge (or later) must be installed on the cluster.

Seqera HPC compute environment#

To create a new HPC compute environment:

  1. In a Seqera workspace, select Compute environments > New environment.
  2. Enter a descriptive name for this environment. Use only alphanumeric characters, dashes, and underscores.
  3. Select your HPC environment from the Platform dropdown menu.
  4. Select your credentials, or select + and SSH or Tower Agent to add new credentials.
  5. Enter a name for the credentials.
  6. Enter the absolute path of the Work directory to be used on the cluster.
  7. Enter the absolute path of the Launch directory to be used on the cluster. If omitted, it will be the same as the work directory.
  8. Enter the Login hostname. This is usually the hostname or public IP address of the cluster's login node.
  9. Enter the Head queue name. This is the default cluster queue to which the Nextflow job will be submitted.
  10. Enter the Compute queue name. This is the default cluster queue to which the Nextflow job will submit tasks.
  11. Expand Staging options to include optional pre- or post-run Bash scripts that execute before or after the Nextflow pipeline execution in your environment.
  12. Specify custom Environment variables for the head job and/or compute jobs.
  13. Configure any advanced options needed:

    • Use the Nextflow queue size to limit the number of jobs that Nextflow can submit to the scheduler at the same time.
    • Use the Head job submit options to specify platform-specific submit options for the head job. You can optionally apply these options to compute jobs as well:

    Once set during compute environment creation, these options can't be overridden at pipeline launch time.

    IBM LSF advanced options

    Use Unit for memory limits, Per job memory limits, and Per task reserve to control how memory is requested for Nextflow jobs.

  14. Select Create to finalize the creation of the compute environment.

See Launch pipelines to start executing workflows in your HPC compute environment.

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