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This feature is available from Tower v.22.3.

From version 22.3, Tower contains a Dashboard page that provides an overview of runs in your organizations and personal workspace at a glance. The dashboard is accessed from the user menu in the top right corner. Click your avatar, then select "Dashboard".

The page is split into two main areas:

Filters and summary#

The drop-down lists at the top of the dashboard page filter total runs by your personal workspace, the organizations you have access to, and time range.

Below the filters, a summary of total runs is shown by status.

Runs per organization#

Below the cards displaying total runs by status, run totals are filtered by each organization or your personal workspace. Filtering depends on what you selected in the drop-down options near the top of the page.

Each card represents an organization. Total runs for the organization are arranged by workspace and status.

Click a run value in the table to navigate to a run list filtered by the status selected.

Click a workspace name in the table to navigate to a run list filtered by the workspace selected.

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