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Registry credentials#

From version 22.3, Tower supports the configuration of credentials for container registry services. These credentials are leveraged by the Nextflow Wave container service to authenticate to private container registries. For more information on Wave containers, see here.

Google Cloud Artifact Registry and Google Cloud Container Registry are fully integrated with Google Cloud services and support various authentication methods. Note that long-lived service account keys (in the form of JSON key files) must be used to authenticate Tower to your registry. For more information, see Container Registry authentication or Artifact Registry authentication.

To create your new registry credential in Tower, follow these steps:

1. Create a Google Service account key that has permissions to access your registry (see the Google registry-specific guides linked above).

2. Navigate to the Credentials tab in Tower and select Add Credentials.

3. Enter a unique name in the Name field using alphanumeric characters, dashes, or underscores.

4. From the Provider drop-down list, select Container registry. The New Credentials form now displays additional fields to be completed:

5. Enter _json_key_base64 in the User name field.

6. Enter the base64-encoded JSON key content in the Password field.

7. Enter your registry hostname in the Registry server field.

8. Select Add. The new credential is now listed under the Credentials tab.

9. In order for your pipeline execution to leverage Wave containers, add wave { enabled=true } either to the Nextflow config field on the launch page, or to your nextflow.config file.

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