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Registry credentials#

From version 22.3, Tower supports the configuration of credentials for container registry services. Google Cloud Artifact Registry is fully integrated with Google Cloud services and integration with third party tools can be configured, so authentication depends on how your Artifact Registry repository is configured. For further details, see Google Artifact Registry access control. Your Google registry credentials can be configured in Tower from the Credentials tab:

1. Select Add Credentials.

2. Enter a unique name in the Name field using alphanumeric characters, dashes, or underscores.

3. From the Provider drop-down list, select Container registry. The New Credentials form now displays additional fields to be completed:

4. Enter the details of the Artifact Registry service account — with the appropriate IAM role to access the registry — using the User name and Password fields.

6. Enter your registry hostname in the Registry server field.

7. Select Add. The new credential is now listed under the Credentials tab.

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