Launch Form

The Launch Form can be used for launching pipelines and for creating pipelines for the Launchpad.

Consider launching the nf-core/rnaseq workflow using a Google Cloud compute environment.

To launch a pipeline:

1. Select the Launch button in the navigation bar.

The Launch Form view will appear.

2. Select the drop-down menu to choose a Compute Environment.


See the Compute Environment documentation to learn how to create an environment for your preferred executor environment.

3. Enter the repository of the Pipeline to launch.
For example,

4. A Revision number can be used select different versions of pipeline.
The Git default branch (main/master) or manifest.defaultBranch in the Nextflow configuration will be used by default.

5. The Work directory specifies the location of the Nextflow work directory.
The location associated with the compute environment will be selected by default.

6. Enter the name(s) of each of the Nextflow Config profiles followed by the Enter key.
See the Nextflow Config profiles documentation for more details.

7. Enter any Pipeline parameters in YAML or JSON format. YAML example:

    reads: 's3://nf-bucket/exome-data/ERR013140_{1,2}.fastq.bz2'  
    paired_end: true

8. Select Launch to begin the pipeline execution.


Nextflow pipelines are simply Git repositories and the location can be any public or private Git-hosting platform. See Git Integration in the Tower docs and Pipeline Sharing in the Nextflow docs for more details.


The credentials associated with the compute environment must be able to access the work directory.


In the configuration, the full path to a bucket must be specified with single-quotes around strings - no quotes around Booleans or numbers.

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