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You can use Tower via either the online GUI, using the -with-tower option with the Nextflow run command, or through the API.

Via Tower GUI#

1. Create an account and login into Tower, available free of charge, at

2. Create and configure a new compute environment.

3. Start launching pipelines.

Via Tower API#

To learn more about using the Tower API, visit to the API section in this documentation.

Via Nextflow run command#

Create an account and login into Tower.

1. Create a new token

You can access your tokens from the Settings drop-down menu:

2. Name your token

3. Save your token safely

Copy and keep your new token in a safe place.

4. Export your token

Once your token has been created, open a terminal and type:

export TOWER_ACCESS_TOKEN=eyxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxQ1ZTE=
export NXF_VER=20.10.0

Where eyxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxQ1ZTE= is the token you have just created.

Nextflow version

Bearer token requires Nextflow version 20.10.0 or later, set with the second command above.

To submit a pipeline to a Workspace using the Nextflow command line tool, add the workspace ID to your environment. For example

export TOWER_WORKSPACE_ID=000000000000000

The workspace ID can be found on the organisation's Workspaces overview page.

5. Run Nextflow with tower

Run your Nextflow workflows as usual with the addition of the -with-tower command:

nextflow run -with-tower

You will see and be able to monitor your Nextflow jobs in Tower.

To configure and execute Nextflow jobs in Cloud environments, visit the Compute environments section.


See also the Nextflow documentation for further run configuration via Nextflow configuration files.

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