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The Datasets functionality in Nextflow Tower allows the users to store CSV and TSV formatted files within a workspace and use those as an input one or more pipelines.


This feature is available only in the organization workspaces..

Creating a new Dataset#

To create a new dataset, please follow these steps

  1. Open the Datasets tab in your organization workspace.

  2. Click on New dataset button to open the dataset creation dialog as shown below.

  1. You can enter the Name and Description fields as per the nature of your dataset.

  2. You can add the dataset file to your workspace using either drag and drop or by using the system file explorer dialog.

  3. It is possible to customize the subsequent views for the dataset using First row as header option, to accomodate the situations where the first row contains the column names.


The size of the dataset file cannot exceed 10MB.

Dataset versions#

The Datasets functionality can accommodate multiple versions of a dataset. To add a new version for a dataset, please follow these steps

  1. Click on the Edit option for the intended dataset.

  2. In the Edit dialog, click on the Add a new version button.

  3. Upload the newer version of the dataset and click on Update.


All subsequent versions of a dataset must be in the same data format as the initial version of the dataset.

Using a Dataset#

To use a dataset with the saved pipelines in your workspace, please follow these steps

  1. Open any pipeline from the Launchpad containing a pipeline-schema.

  2. Click on the input field for the pipeline, removing any default value.

  3. Pick the right dataset for your pipeline


The Datasets shown in the dropdown menu depends upon the validation specified in your pipeline-schema. Hence, if the schema specifies only CSV format, no TSV dataset would appear in the dropdown.

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